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Friday, 05 July 2013 07:12

Avoid Email Security Scams

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Email scams are not just bothersome, they can also be dangerous. Scammers, spammers -- and those looking to perpetrate identity theft -- send you emails from names you recognize, like a friend, a bank, paypal, facebook and/or other brand names in an attempt to get you to click thru. However, response to these fraudulent emails you do at your own peril. But have no fear, there is a simple solution to avoid having your personal info grabbed by cyber thieve, without ignoring what might be a legit email notification.   

So you've received an email from someone you know, asking for your response.  Perhaps they want to Friend You on Facebook, for example.  It may look something like this:  

Bruce Dugan wants to be your friend on Facebook. No matter how far away you are from friends and family, Facebook can help you stay connected.
Other people have asked to be your friend on Facebook. Accept this invitation to see your previous friend requests
Bruce Dugan
Managing Member, CEO at Intech Creative LLC · Bangalore, India
4 groups
Accept invitation
Go to Facebook

You see a name you know, so you don't think about a quick click-thru to accept. In this case I was tipped off because it came FROM me TO me. Alert, alert, you don't have to be a genius to know you didn't friend yourself.  A little voice in your head right now should be screaming "Danger Will Robinson, danger, danger!"

Once you've clicked, they've got you. They've activated whatever evil or mischievous plans they had for you.

But you know the person the email came from, right?  Or it may be an email from your bank, or paypal or some other vendor you have an account with, telling you that your account has been frozen -- or is going to be frozen -- unless you verify you account and "click here."

SIMPLE SOLUTION: when you receive an email with a call to action, do two things.  

First, simply login to the account that it (supposedly) came from.  If it was from Facbook, for example, then that friend request will appear in your notification alert.  If it were from an institution, you'll have a call to action or on-site mail alert once youy've logged in. If not, then the email you received was bogus, and you avoided danger.

Second, if it was a bogus email, assign that email to your spam list and mark all future emails from that address for instant deletion. 

The Internet is a great resource for knowledge and entertainment, yet like the world we live in is also full of those that will hurt, or take avantage of you given the opportunity.  

Be smart, be safe.  

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